About Us

PB&Jams, Philadelphia’s nut butter company, was founded by Megan Gibson – a high school health teacher and life-long athlete with a passion for great food, great music (the “jams” in PB&Jams!), and her community.

Megan’s love for nut butter comes from her mother, whose family hails from the heart of peanut country in Virginia. Stories of the family sitting together, shelling peanuts and enjoying one another’s company were a constant as Megan was growing up. Nuts and nut butters were a staple in her home – so it was no surprise that after sampling a savory, spicy Haitian peanut butter, Megan decided to start crafting delicious, creative nut butter combinations of her own. Today, PB&Jams is Philadelphia’s small-batch, all-natural nut butter company, boasting six varieties of nut butters – including a spicy peanut butter (Hot or Not), inspired by Megan’s first taste of Haitian peanut butter. And of course, Megan’s mom is still our biggest fan. (In case you’re wondering, The Cashew – our delicious cashew butter – is her favorite.)

In addition to our nut butters, which you can find at farmer’s markets and finer retailers citywide, our food truck serves up incredible sandwiches using our nut butters and other fresh, carefully selected ingredients – from sweet treats to savory bites.

Our Passions

PB&Jams, Philadelphia’s nut butter company, is committed to providing a delicious, healthful and fun food experience to our customers. PB&Jams works to give back to our community through education, advocacy, and increased access to both nutrition and opportunity.

At PB&Jams, our motto is: “feed people, help people, and have fun!” Megan founded PB&Jams to blend four core passions:


Food doesn’t just nourish the body. It evokes memories, and helps to build new ones. It connects people – across the dinner table and across the world. We are always on a mission to create a fun, memorable, and delicious food experience for our customers.


As a former DJ, anywhere #TheCartEdition rolls, it jams, with funk, soul, feel-good 80’s music and golden-age hip-hop on heavy rotation. Sometimes, along with the food, Megan will even sell used classic records to customers!

Education and Philantropy

PB&Jams takes our principles into the community, providing education and support to those who need it most. We provide free, healthy meals to the homeless, nutrition education to urban families, support efforts to provide fitness programs to kids, and more.


Both Megan and PB&Jams were born and raised in the heart of West Philadelphia. Everything PB&Jams is West Philly made – Philadelphia is our home and where we seek to make the most impact.

“I started PB&Jams because I’m an entrepreneur from a family of entrepreneurs, and I’ve seen first hand how a small business can prove an unparalleled outlet for creative expression and making a difference in the community. So, as I was exploring ways to blend my passions of food, music and community service, PB&Jams became the logical next step. So I’m working to hand-craft precision blended nut butters while remaining a locally involved, locally loved and locally renowned company.”

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